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Audacity for Mac OS X freeware

Audacity for Mac OS X

Version: 3.0.0 | Size: 37.60 MB | Filename: Audacity.html
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Audacity for Mac OS X is an excellent soft with all the features users would need for all their needs and uses. This software being open-source and multiplatform makes it widely used and accepted. One of the immediately noticeable features is it flexibility and rich features. The workspace and tool bar is free of clutter. The functions and features and regulated and categorized. The drop down menu makes life easier for users.

Making recordings is now simple and flexible, thanks to this brilliant software. Through a microphone or mixer, audacity gives users the capability to record live audio. It is also able to digitalize recordings through cassettes, minidiscs and soundcards. The device tool bar enables the user manage multiple input and output devices. The level meters help with adjusting the sound levels and displays the waveform.

One can create multi track recordings by duding over current tracks. Multi recording is possible depending on the type of software in use. Importing and exporting sound files is faster and more efficient because of Audacity. It is possible to edit and combine different audio files and combine them into new recordings. Furthermore, the recordings can be converted into various formats. This software also facilitates the following features. Importing WAV, AIFF, AU and FLAC formats into the main software is now simpler. It is also possible to create WAV or AIFF files.

Sound quality is exceptional and brilliant. This program supports 16, 24 and 32-bit quality sound. The high quality resampler and dithering feature enables sampled rates and formats. It is now possible to convert in real time, tracks that contain different formats and rates. Editing is now simpler and more efficient. Audacity facilitates simple cutting, copying, pasting and deleting of files or segments. It is now possible to mix and edit colossal amounts of tracks. The draw tool enables altering specific sample points. Users do not need to worry about abnormal program termination. This is because the Automatic crash recovery feature enables fast and easy recovery of work. Accessibility is very friendly and the keyboard shortcuts make use and operation simpler and excellent to use.

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What do you think about Audacity for Mac OS X?
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Last versions of Audacity for Mac OS X
Version Change log
Audacity for Mac OS X 3.0.0 Mar 17, 2021 New Features:
MP3 exports and imports without padding:
Audacity now supports LAME's gapless playback info, allowing MP3s to be exported and imported without additional padding.
Other applications that support the LAME tag, for example audio player applications, will be able to read MP3 files exported by Audacity without the padding.
Bug Fixes:
In less than a month we have fixed a further 41 bugs in this maintenance release.
Key P1 bugs fixed:
Crash when importing (or editing) to a disk with insufficient disk space available
WAV Export runs 6 to 7 times slower than on 2.3.3
Macros with Nyquist effects don't apply saved parameters
Mix Stereo down to Mono fails if space at start of track.
With an empty rules list in "Extended Import" prefs - Tab or Home crashes Audacity
Key P2 bugs fixed:
Undocking meter toolbars while playing/recording results in a frozen meter
A region label gets split on inserting audio when Sync-lock is turned on
Audacity for Mac OS X 2.4.2 Jun 26, 2020 Improvements:
Audacity now uses 'aup3' format, with all audio in one file, rather than
The previous 'pile of file' format. We are using the SQLite library to
Manageis the contents of this file. Too many users were previously getting
Caught out by copying part of the project only, when backing up.
'Backup Project' command replaces 'Save Lossless Copy of Project' and 'Save
Compressed Copy of Project'
Added Corsican and Marathi languages.
'Label Sounds' replaces 'Sound Finder' and 'Silence Finder'.
Added Import and Export of Macros.
Added Attack, Hold and Delay times to Noise Gate.
Added Multi-View option to Track Preferences
Added hidden (bindable to shortcuts) commands for repeating last generator,
Analyzer or tool. Previously only most recent effect could be repeated.
Upgraded Nyquist to 3.16
Bug Fixes:
Over 160 bugs in 2.4.2 fixed, including:
208 - Some effects (including equalization effects) delete Envelope Control
Points, or do not move them when timeline changes
Audacity for Mac OS X 2.3.3 Nov 25, 2019 Changes since version 2.3.2:
Equalization effect now split into two effects, Filter Curve and Graphic EQ
Presets (using manage button) now active/working
Can now have two points at same frequency for steep steps
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