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Blender for Mac OS produces high quality 3D graphics. It is an open source created by scientist, animators, studios, artists, educators and students. You can use it for free for anything from simulation, game creation, animation and visual effects. Advanced users of Blender can enjoy the flexibility to customize its interface and use add-ons to change colors, layouts, size and python scripting to suit their style and personalities. It has clear layout with drag and drop toolbar to put anywhere you want.

There is a variety of extension developed by professional and experts to choose from. It is easy and quick to download and upload as it supports different programs like PNG, MPEG, QuickTime, 3D Studio and Lightwave. There is no need to switch programs with Blender object tracking and production ready camera features. There is also no need to use third party programs with its full built-in compositor. Blender is the only one program to perform all the tasks.

The rendering engine gives you a variety of materials to work with. Files are saved in blend file format. This program is packed with features. Tools like Edge Rendering, Collision Simulation 3D brushes can help you create masterpieces. Create quality simulations of rain, smoke, fire with ease. Many tools that are frequently used are available in the interface for convenience. Importing is easy with so many supported file extensions.

The installation process is very simple. You click on download and unzip the Blender and Blender Player files to Applications. You are now ready to open and start creating. You will require Python, PowerMac, PowerBook ad GNU GPL operating systems to install the software. If you are looking for program that is packed with useful from contributors and developers from around the world then look no further than Blender for Mac OS.

Being an open source software there are developments from all over the world. Learn from the best creators and participate in this powerful collaborative software. What you create in Blender is your intellectual property. Because of its customized interface it can be overwhelming for a first user, but there is a lot of help from the community. Take careful precautions though for unlicensed developments. With this program there is nothing you can think of and be able to create. It is also an excellent source of ideas you can use if you are a student looking for ready-made creations.

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Version Change log
Blender for Mac OS X 2.78a Feb 8, 2017 HIGHLIGHTS:
Cycles: Cycles now supports rendering spherical stereo images for VR.
Grease Pencil: Reworked to be similar to other 2D drawing softwares.
Alembic: Initial basic support in Blender.

Improvements for AMD GPUs
stability on Windows / Linux and compatibility with OSX El Capitan
is now possible to use wider variety of different GPUs

Other improvements:
Camera zoom motion blur support: initial implementation, will get future improvements
Support for extended and clipped image texture extension (repeat/extend/clip)


the ongoing viewport project brought a big performance boost!
this improved both draw performance and memory usage for mesh data in general
improvements may be noticeable on more complex scenes, sculpting and painting

Other improvements:

Node Editor: auto-offset of existing nodes when adding a new one, a real time-saver!
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