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Calibre for Mac OS X is the open source type eBook software and the application is used for the managing the eBook collection in the platforms. This application also suites the user to create, edit, and for reading the e-books. The software is free for download and it supports many varieties of formats and it also includes the EPUB formats and the Amazon Kindle. The software is also efficient for syncing the best type of e-book and also for the non-e-book formats. The softer is also efficient for supporting many different files and for the reading any devices.

Some eBook formats can also be edited like the fonts and the font sizes and this can be done using the Calibre software. This also can be used for auto-generating the contents in the table so that it can be useful for creating the new formats for the file using this software. Most of the people use this software for converting and for editing the e-book so that it can make the digital books reading in the effective manner. For purchasing the e-books, it is necessary to have the Digital Rights Management (DRM) and the software may also permit the DRM removal while you install the software in your devices.

Plug-ins can be made for increasing the functionality of the software so that all the extra features can be known using the software and it will be efficient for reading and editing the eBook. Calibre software also helps the user for sorting and grouping all the metadata fields in the e-books. The Metadata is also be efficient in getting the different sources like the online booksellers, free e-books and many more can also be made using the software. The Calibre software is also most efficient in reading the social networking websites, Internet Archive and many more eBook files.

The Calibre library is also efficient in searching for the preferred author, title, keyword and many more in the ebook so that it will be efficient for reading them instantly using the process. It is also very easy for saving the calibre library in the platforms so that it will be useful for syncing the e-book for reading in the device. The Online content sources are also used for harvesting the e-books and for converting them into any formats. This type of conversion can also be made in the specific language and they can also be transferred from one device to another via USB.

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Version Change log
Calibre for Mac 4.17 May 23, 2020 New features:
Add a workaround for Amazon destroying cover thumbnails on e-ink Kindles.
For books sent with this release of calibre, reconnecting the Kindle to calibre after the cover has been destroyed will restore it automatically
Viewer: Group search results by section
Viewer: When the search results panel is expanded, show more context
Tag browser: Add options in Preferences->Look & feel->Tag browser to hide empty categories and also to have the Find in the Tag browser show all matches instead of jumping from match to match.
Tag browser: The Find function for searching for items in the Tag browser can now do exact matching by using = as a prefix.
Manage tags/authors/etc dialogs: Allow searching and filtering the list of items.
Book details panel contenxt menu: Add an action to open the Book details window.
Viewer: Add Next and Previous buttons in the bookmarks panel.
Conversion: Change the default white-space CSS for <pre> tags to pre-wrap as this suits ebooks better
Calibre for Mac 4.16 May 15, 2020 New features:
Viewer/Edit book fuzzy search: Ignore soft hyphens and zero-width joiner characters when searching for text.
Closes tickets:
Tag browser: Allow adding/removing tags/authors/etc. to the currently selected book by right clicking on that tag and choosing "Apply to selected books".
Kobo driver: Add support for updated firmware
Manage categories dialog: When editing a value with multiple values selected, change them all
Book list column header context menu: Add an entry to resize the column to fit its current contents.
Show completions when editing tags/authors/series etc in the Tag browser and Manage tags dialog.
Quickview: Double clicking an item now searches for it
Comments editor: Add an action to the context menu to smarten punctuation.
FB2 metadata: Add support for setting publisher and publish year
Bug fixes:
Edit book: Fix compress images losslessly failing for a few images on windows when there are a lot of images in the book.
Calibre for Mac 4.15 May 3, 2020 New features:
Viewer: Improve the interface for changing font sizes
Viewer: Add a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+b) for adding a bookmark
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