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EverNote Mac OS X freeware

EverNote Mac OS X

Version: 10.13.4 | Size: 149.00 MB | Filename: Evernote-10.13.4-mac-ddl-ga-2607.dmg
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When you search for top productivity apps Evernote stands on the top of the list. Evernote is an excellent application that offers you an ability to create all kind of notes. The best part about Evernote is you can sync all your notes to all your devices. You can easily search for them. Getting your work done with Evernote is really easy. Evernote is available on both; Desktop apps and Smartphone apps. The Evernote Mac app offers an incredible hub to its users. Evernote is a valuable application for both free as well s paid users. The application is free to download. It is available on all operating systems. The paid version of Evernote offers many features.

If you consider it's functionality Evernote offers a best note taking platform. Evernote is an editor's choice on most of the platforms. The best part about this app is you can customize it according to your use, you can actually use it for anything. Be it managing your work place, listing the essentials or it can even become your shopping checklist. To get all the features from this app you need to take Evernote membership which is available from $69/ year. You can get a free Evernote account when you download the app. Later on you can switch it to paid account.

If you have a free Evernote account then you can sync your note on couple of devices only.  A specific storage space is offered to the users according to their Evernote membership plans. Free membership accounts have a storage limit of 60 MB per month. The largest file you can upload is 25MB. You can also add a pass code app for your Evernote app on your devices.

Paid account service is divided into three types. That is Plus, Premium and Business. The storage capacities of paid accounts are way more than the free one. The best part about choosing a paid membership is you can use Evenote on offline mode. You can save or edit your notes even when you are offline. The customer support offered to paid accounts is better. The Evenote Mac app is quite open and flexible. This is the reason why people find it so easy to use. The display in this app is either three panel or two panel. You can customize it according to your needs.

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Last versions of EverNote Mac OS X
Version Change log
EverNote Mac OS X 10.13.4 May 6, 2021 New:
You now have more options for exporting notes, including splitting large ENEX files, exporting as HTML, and choosing which attributes to export (such as tag, reminder, etc.).
You can now right-click on section headers in the sidebar (like notes, notebooks, and tags) to get quick access to more options.
You no longer need perfect punctuation to get the search results you want. For example, searching for "checkin" will show you results for "check-in", "check.in", "check_in" and "check'in".
Evernote Business customers can now search inside shared notes.
Stability and performance improvements.
EverNote Mac OS X 10.12.5 Apr 22, 2021 New:
Stability and performance improvements.
Occasionally, the app would ask you to sign in again after a restart. But now it’ll remember who you are.
We tweaked some things under the hood to make switching between notes and navigating the app even quicker.
Miscellaneous bug fixes.
EverNote Mac OS X 10.5.7 Dec 17, 2020 New
- Access the keyboard shortcuts reference menu via the Help menu or by using the shortcut CTRL + / or CMD + /
- Keyboard shortcut for creating a tag
- Tags can now be created in the edit tags pop-up menu
- Performance improvements for note loading, the sidebar, and attaching files
- Log files can be zipped and the smaller file size allows for easier emailing of logs
- Navigate to the top/bottom of the note list on Windows with the Home/End keys or the function + down/up arrow keys
- New note merge options added: separate note content with a divider or keep original note titles
- When you merge notes, the original notes are automatically placed in the trash unless you select "Keep copy of original notes"
- Delay when copying an internal link
- Some keyboard shortcuts would not work when the note editor is selected
- Users now receive email notifications immediately when a note is shared with them
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