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FileZilla for Mac freeware

FileZilla for Mac

Version: 3.54.1 | Size: 10.00 MB
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FileZilla is a cross-platform graphical FTP, SFTP and FTPS file management tool for Mac OS and more. FileZilla has plenty of tools that will assist you in moving your files quickly from your computer to the Web server that you are using. If you are planning to use FileZilla on a regular basis you might like to use the advanced features.

The advanced features allow you to do manual configuration and there is also speed limit monitoring. Even though the FTP format might seem outdated it is still the most reliable way to transfer large files or a group of files to the Web server that you are using. It is possible with FileZilla to use numerous simultaneous connections to speed up the process.

FileZilla is quick to download and launch. After you have entered all the necessary details about the Web server that you are using you are able to send files. The function of uploading and downloading files is very simple by dragging files between the Web server and the computer.

With FileZilla, you are able to monitor how the files are being used and how many uploads and downloads have been done by using the site manager. If there are a ques of files being uploaded you can very easily bypass it by manually uploading the files. You have the facility to cancel transfers and even set the speed limits which the files are transferred to limit file transfer errors.

FileZilla operates with two file transfer protocols namely HTTP and IPv6 and their encrypting methods. It has the important feature of comparing the files on your computer and the server files to see if the files have been synchronised and display it visually using highlighted colours.

The built-in file management system allows the user to manage all the files which include transferring, pausing transfers and locating files. You can use the bookmark function to easily source files that are used frequently and drag and drop files between the server and the computer

The FileZilla system checks your network continuously and it will notify you if it has been idle for too long by sending a keep alive prompt and it supports 47 languages.

FileZilla is reliable with a lot of basic functions and advanced tools for the experts and is reviewed as the most reliable system available for web server storage. However, all the files are stored as plain text so it is up to the operating system or yourself to encrypt them.

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Last versions of FileZilla for Mac
Version Change log
FileZilla for Mac 3.54.1 May 12, 2021 Fix control visibility logic in Site Manager.
FileZilla for Mac 3.53.1 Mar 23, 2021 Bugfixes and minor changes:
Removed an error message on new installation where there is no sitemanager.xml yet
Fixed SOCKS5 proxy support
FileZilla for Mac 3.53.0 Mar 16, 2021 Bugfixes and minor changes:
HTTP: Handle servers sending early replies
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