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Firefox for Mac OS X freeware

Firefox for Mac OS X

Version: 72.0.2 | Size: 72.80 MB | Filename: Firefox%2072.0.2.dmg
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Voted among the fastest and best web browsers, Firefox for Mac gives instant access to search results and browser personalization. Users can sync all of their devices using Firefox browser in order to continue their online experience on any device.

The Private Browsing feature enables safer online browsing to any user. History and search results won’t be saved to ensure no traces left, but it will save downloads and bookmarks you request. In addition, the tracking protection will reduce the chances of third party websites to store your online activity information. When you navigate on a website you will notice a green shield to the left, meaning that Firefox protects you against suspicious activity and malware. You can use the Private Browsing to reduce your digital footprints, to complete online banking transactions and to plan a surprise trip or party.

If you want to synchronize all of your devices and have all browsing information stored in one place, then Firefox will give you this option. Sync Firefox whenever and wherever you are, by saving bookmarks and visited websites for later use. You can access all of your personal information from all of your devices as long as you have Firefox installed. Don’t forget to sign in on these platforms, to ensure that your preferences are updated constantly. You can sync your Mac devices such as your home desktop, your work computer and even your mobile device.

The home panels are very easy to personalize and edit according to your preferences. You can set up your favorite social media and websites by adding bookmarks to your home panel. In this way you can simply tap on the tab you are interested in, instead of typing the website URL over and over again. Its user interface is very simple and friendly; during our tests we noticed that you can access anything in a matter of seconds. Feel free to select the theme that you enjoy, to delete the content you are not interested in and to add any favorite apps.

Firefox for Mac is a very fast web browser. It was named as the “speed king” of all browsers due to its performance during tests.

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72.80 MB

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Mac OS X

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Last versions of Firefox for Mac OS X
Version Change log
Firefox for Mac OS X 72.0.2 Jan 20, 2020
Firefox for Mac OS X 65.0.2 Feb 28, 2019 Fixed an issue with geolocation services affecting Windows users.
Firefox for Mac OS X 53.0.2 May 10, 2017 fixed
Make form validation errors and date picker panel visible to the user (Bug 1341190)
Various security fixes

The non-standard showDialog argument to window.find is now ignored (Bug 1348409)
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