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Web apps and websites can run on Google Chrome without any issue, due to its free availability to Mac users. It is a simple and fast browser that can visit any website. It also has HTML5 and Flash support included.

If you are the type of person who enjoys playing online games, then you will definitely enjoy Chrome. This web browser is designed specifically to any operating system for both desktop and mobile devices. Also, you get a full personalized experience since you can apply themes, add extensions and install apps of your preferences.

If you want to return to the websites you visited on your phone when you were with your friends, you can do it. Chrome offers a feature which synchronizes your recent searches, bookmarks and open tabs on all devices where you logged in your Google account. At the same time, users who want to browse without saving their search history can use the Incognito mode, an option that doesn’t save any file, cookies, search results and images. This makes it ideal for those who may not have plenty of available space on their devices or to those who don’t want to leave traces.

Chrome’s option of using limited data is another brilliant feature. By using up to 50% less data users can experience faster browsing speeds than on other browsers. In addition, the keywords are suggested and auto-populated as you type, using the Autofill feature. The search results will appear faster, depending on the keywords that you type in the browsing field.

Its interface is very simple to use. All buttons and menus are hidden from sight, giving a nice experience to users who need to use most of their screen. All of the options are gathered in the Options Panel where all settings are located. This gives a better user experience than other web browsers who are filled with useless links or menus.

Safety is among the best features that Chrome has to offer. Asides from browsing history protection and saving, the Google Chrome for Mac is designed to use advanced filters against viruses, malware and dangerous websites. Users who want to access a website containing viruses will notice that their request is being declined in order to protect their device. Once a website is unstable, the browser will close only that specific tab instead of shutting down the browser.

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Version Change log
Google Chrome for Mac OS X 77.0.3865.90 Sep 19, 2019 Disable the response to mDNS name generator queries. by Qingsi Wang
Revert "Serialize SharedQuadState::is_fast_rounded_corner." by kylechar
Revert "viz: Don't promote quads with rounded corners to overlays." by kylechar
[Merge to M-77] Desks: Exclude its shortcuts from the KSH if the feature is disabled by Ahmed Fakhry
Google Chrome for Mac OS X 67.0.3396.99 Jun 13, 2018
Google Chrome for Mac OS X 58.0.3029.81 Apr 24, 2017 Type confusion in PDFium
Heap use after free in Print Preview
Type confusion in Blink
URL spoofing in Omnibox
URL spoofing in Omnibox
Use after free in Chrome Apps
Heap overflow in Skia
Use after free in Blink
Incorrect UI in Blink
Incorrect signature handing in Networking
URL spoofing in Omnibox
Cross-origin bypass in Blink
Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives
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