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Google Picasa for Mac OS X freeware

Google Picasa for Mac OS X

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Picasa for Mac OS X is the image organizer or the image viewer that can be used for editing and organizing the digital photos. Picasa software is also the integrated photo sharing method and “pic” is the Spanish name for picture and this software is a freeware. Picasa software application is used for editing the photos and for organizing the photos in the platforms. The software was created by the Idealab and it was owned by the Google. The software is free for download and it can be used in all the windows platforms like Windows Vista, Windows XP and also in the Linux versions. We also need the plugin for updating the software to its next version and it is the best software for increasing the photo edit.

This Digital photo organizer can be used for organize and editing the photos and most people also like to share their photos using this software. This is the essential software for increasing the clarity of the image as the software is used to view any type of photos like the gif, PNG, jpg and many more versions. Most of the people use this software in their windows platforms as it is most efficient in viewing the photos instantly. There are also many options available in the software that is very easy for uploading the photos in the website like the Google+ and you can tag the photos with your friends in the best manner.

There are many effects can be included in the software so that it can make the picture quality more and it will be efficient in making the advanced view of the image file. now there are more than 24 special effects are available in the software so we can change our photos into many new formats lie negative, thermal image and many more. It is also very easy to view the image rotating in any 360 degree angle so viewing the photos using this software is also most efficient.

Using this software it is also very easy to make the slideshow of the collected photos as you can view the slides one by one. The slide show time can also be adjusted in the best manner so that this will also have a best effect in the presentations. Zooming the photos using this Google Picasa is also very easy and this will also make the best kind view in the photos. Scrolling through all images in folder using this Google Picasa software is also very easy.

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What do you think about Google Picasa for Mac OS X?
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40.10 MB

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Mac OS X

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Last versions of Google Picasa for Mac OS X
Version Change log
Google Picasa for Mac OS X Apr 11, 2016 Patches for image handling. We'd like to thank Hossein Lotfi, Secunia Research, for helping to identify issues in RAW handling.
Support for the new Apple Photos library
Minor performance improvements in file process and upload in Google Photos Backup.
Improve UI in display of failed files in Google Photos Backup.
Ensure larger files are prioritized lower than smaller in Google Photos Backup.
Fix various reported crashes around the handling of attached devices in Google Photos Backup.
Google Picasa for Mac OS X Dec 13, 2013 * Picasa now includes Google+ Auto Backup for the Desktop.
* Updates to RAW support to include newer cameras.
* Patches to image handling. We would like to thank Hossein Lotfi, Secunia Research, for helping to identify several issues in RAW, TIFF, and JPEG handling.
* Updated file size limits for uploads: 50 MB or 100 MP.
* "Edit in Creative Kit" function has been removed.
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