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One of the most widely used tool for graphic editing is Inkscape. It has a lot of features which make it unique. These features include Object creation, Object Manipulation, Object filling and stroke, and text support also. The feature of Object creation works with the help of different tools of which pencil and pen tools are the most important. For shaping different objects, it has polygons, rectangles, ellipses, spirals and many more. There is also a tool for text editing also which can handle multi line text as well as all other texts.

The object manipulation features include arranging, scaling, layering, transforming, and grouping of various drawn objects. All this is done through particular numeric values. It also has the quality of Z-order operations which means being sensitive to upper and lower levels.

In the next feature of filling and stroking, it offers the facility of selecting various colors. After selection, we can fill the desired space with that particular color selected. It uses almost the copy paste style of coloring. There are also different strokes to add dashes and other signs for marking the beginning, middle, and end of the work.

It also offers the support for text handling including text spacing, text designing, and letter spacing. It also gives the facility of using downloaded fonts in the text.

Then come its display features which offer clear transparent display with PNG support also. It also gives us the facility of complete rendering of objects when we drag these.

Next are the features of supporting various formats. It helps live watching and editing of different documents in XML viewer. PNG, Postscript, PDF, and many other export formats are also provided by it for easy viewing and editing of texts. It is also a lot useful in making logos and 3D designs.

It has also a lot of drawbacks and the most important is that it takes a long time to learn and master its techniques. Another problem that usually a user faces is it lagging. As more objects are added, it starts lagging and takes much time to give a preview of the document.

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Version Change log
Inkscape for Mac OS X 0.92.1 Jan 14, 2017 Text: baseline-spacing related issues with regular and flowed text in legacy Inkscape SVG files (Bug #1655483 and others).
Text: Default baseline spacing stored in relative units is always converted to document units (Bug #1645016)
Path effects: Crash on ungroup if group contains elements with path effects (Bug #1657591)
Clipboard: Pasting a path effect from clipboard fails (Bug #1656093)
Clipboard: Fix copy&pasting of groups which contain elements with path effects (Bug #1656527)
Selection: Node tool can selected objects on locked layers (Bug #1656141)
Clones: Critical warnings with clones and symbols (Bug #1653184)
About screen missing for several UI languages (Bug #1659426)
Selection: Missing transformation handles after reset of rotation center
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