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Originally incepted as X-Box media center (XBMC), Kodi is an open source and free media player. It is arguably the best available open source media software that operates on a multitude of platforms, including Windows, Mac, X-BOX, LINUX, etc. It rn over 65 different languages and subsumes the effort and functions of scores of programmers.

Ownership: Kodi was originally created by Microsoft on the X-Box but it is currently operated by a non-profit organization called XBMC foundation that is powered by volunteer programmers all across the world.

Kodi version for Mac

It is a brilliant media center for OS X that enables smooth handling of all the multimedia from a single interface. It provides an efficient interface backed by powerful tools that provide a seamless excess to features such as Live TV, music, recordings and a lot more.


Consistent and user friendly interface: The software runs consistently on OS X 10.10 without any lagging issues. The adept interface runs without any drags or burdens and finds the media you search for within no time, thereby providing a seamless experience.

Multitude of Power tools at Finger tips: You can plunge into an ocean of powerful features that include scores of PVR tools, and scores of add-ons that boast of an array of powerful features, such as Screen Captures and Audio Controllers etc. Some add-ons and controllers are available as a third party testing but they are comfortably accessible.

Free of Cost: It is a powerful, feature-studded, seamless, and desirable media center that would run almost all kinds of media files, and all from a single interface. It also allows you to access to watch TV, music, YouTube etc., and it costs nothing.

Customizable Interface: The interface is totally customizable, thanks to the various skins that can be created by the user or even be downloaded. It has a customizable library system that lets you save and store all the media you want, in a very well organized manner thereby providing you a quick and easy access to the media files.


There are hardly any negative sides of this software. It delivers the features expected from it well without any clutters; If there has to be a glitch, then it is slightly in the appearance. The Menu layout, the scheme of colors, and the animation are slightly below the mark considering a software version for Mac.

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Version Change log
Kodi for Mac OS X 18.5 Dec 20, 2019 Interface/Look-and-Feel:
Estuary and GUI info fixes, including scrollbar behaviour, icon names, label changes
Add dual support for Artist Slideshow 2.x and 3.x
Fix to always allow 'Black' screen saver
Fix wrong sort order list for music playlists node
Fixes to external subtitle playback
Fixes to support for archives over UPnP
Fixes to "queue item" and "play next" for STRM files with Plugin URL
Fixes to "hide watched" status for videos
Fixes to resume handling when marking a file as unwatched
Fixes to EPG database storage, start/stop of PVR service
Fix handling of open modal dialogs
Fixes to commercial skip (EDL) processing
Other/General Fixes:
Multiple Android changes around windowing, secure decoder and SDK versions
Multiple iOS changes, including support for iPhone 11 and 7th generation iPad, plus fixes for touch input, overlapping drawing surfaces, sandbox checks, notch support.
MacOS fixes around windowing, where only a portion of the screen was correctly ren
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