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Lazarus is a Delphi compatible, cross-platform IDE for quick application development.  It contains various components that are ready for use. These components gibe the user the capability to design and create intricate graphical user interfaces. Lazarus is rich in features, which give the user total freedom to create brilliant applications. One of the most notable features is the ease of use. The installer provides all the required files and does not install any unnecessary files or folders in the system. It also automatically synchronizes between code and GUI-Forms.

Lazarus seamlessly runs on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and other platforms. This feature allows developers run their applications and simulate an experience similar to that of an end-user. The OS specific installation guidelines help save time and resources on the part of the developer. This software is fast and powerful to say the least. Its IDE has capabilities in handling projects. The FPC compiler is undergoing constant development to refine and optimize performance. The drag and drop form designer aligns adjacent components and adds them to the IDE by using Lazarus Package Files (LPKs). The Lazarus Component Library (LCL) is used for compatibility usage across all platforms. When users are building their projects, this feature gives them a realistic feel and look of each platform. This enables developers simulate the end-users experience.

Lazarus uses Free Pascal, which is a dialect of Object Pascal. The major advantage with this language is its constant development, which integrates new features that keep up with the expected current programming languages. This software is easy to extend. Developers are developing and maintaining their Lazarus Libraries and Packages and it is possible to find any kind of library needed. Lazarus is open source and the main libraries are distributed with extra permission of static linking, under LGPL. All standard components such as LCL, FCL and RTL are suitable for creating both commercial and non-commercial applications.

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Lazarus for Mac OS X 1.6.2 Nov 13, 2016 Fixes:
r51634 Designer: Support also (False) and (True) as Boolean values in Undo operation.
r51639 ShellTreeView: make PopulateWithBaseFiles public. Makes it possible to populate a ShelltreeView that was created at runtime.
r51643, r52312, r52325, r52922 Translations: French translation update by Gilles Vasseur
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