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Lightworks for Mac OS X freeware

Lightworks for Mac OS X

Version: 2021.2 | Size: 111.00 MB | Filename: lightworks_2021.2_r128456.dmg
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Lightworks for Mac OS, developed by Editshare, is a powerful professional video editing software with lots of performance driven tools and features that one needs and expects from a pro editor. It entertains all major professional broadcast formats from SD, HD, 2K and Red 4K files. It intends to provide everybody the access to the most affordable professional non-linear video editor that exists. It Offers the professional level tools that have been in use for years in the field of editing movies, sports events, dramas etc.


OS X 10.9 and later.

Intel 64 bit processor


Lightworks is probably the most customizable of all the professional editors that exist in the market. There is a huge difference between lightworks interface and those of others. It offers a framework of free-floating windows that can be created, retained or discarded by the users according to their necessities. It allows you to create a smooth work environment that completely suits your needs.


There are currently two variants of Lightworks on Mac OS , one is the standard variant that is absolutely free and the other one comes at a hefty price of about $430. The free version offers almost all the services of the paid one, without putting any major constraints on the usage of main functioning tools.

The difference arises in some of the advanced features, like timeline rendering, project sharing and limitation of exports to just YouTube and Vimeo which are limited to 720p and 1080p respectively.


  • Free or paid-for variants are available: Instead of offering just a trial version like most of the other professional non-linear editors, it offers an absolutely free version that is almost as good as the paid for variant as far as the functioning is concerned. (Pro version includes a range of codecs and advanced features)
  • Supports video editing at a professional level: it provides video editing right at the apex professional level but at a very cheap price as compared to other professional editors.
  • It is completely resolution independent.
  • Its user interface is mostly customizable in the domain of professional editors and it has been designed and tested by the professionals.


  • No thorough help is provided in the user assistance, just some basic hints are offered.
  • Audio effects audio are minimal.

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Last versions of Lightworks for Mac OS X
Version Change log
Lightworks for Mac OS X 2021.2 Apr 30, 2021 Main Features:
Sequence Export Improvements:
This latest release adds intelligence to the export panel allowing you to easily see what format option your sequence can be exported as, even allowing you to export if the exact sequence frame rate is not allowed/supported.
Any export options that cannot generate the chosen aspect ratio are now clearly marked in red on the export panel and if chosen, show a helpful explanatory message regarding what will happen.
Transition Appearance Improvements:
Lightworks 2021.2 shows a much better representation of the transition and what media is available on either side of the cut. The image below shows the standard transition over two clips that have enough media available.
Lightworks for Mac OS X 2021.1 Jan 20, 2021
Lightworks for Mac OS X 2020.1.1 Sep 24, 2020 New Features:
Updated the EULA agreement to reflect the LWKS Software LTD ownership
Added ability to show the password on sign in panels within the application
Fixed YouTube uploads failing when there are non-ascii characters in the Tags section
Fixed failure to show a warning message when entering incorrect sign in details
Fixed potential crash revealing a MediaFileRepositoryPanel
Fixed potential crash handling and dump location so we get better analytics from Microsoft
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