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LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) for Mac OS X freeware

LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) for Mac OS X

Version: 1.2.2 | Size: 37.20 MB | Filename: lmms-1.2.2-mac10.13.dmg
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LMMS that stands for the Linux MultiMedia Studio from the LMMS Development Team is a open source code based freeware. It works as the ultimate tool for music composers to create, edit or improvise musical and audio content. Designed as a cross platform software the LMMS helps in creating sound waves in beats, melodies and rhythms.

The LMMS for Mac OS X come in user friendly interface to give the user free hand experience of utilizing their MIDI keyboard with bunches of effects. Thus the song editor can compose songs and music; fix the piano roll, beats and basslines. It also embodies a 64 channels FX mixer to add effects to sound files.

The Linux MultiMedia Studio is a virtual platform that comprises with all possible sound effects plugins a music composer may requires. Starting from full fledge automation of track based content and system controlled sources; the freeware remains compatible with composition standards like VST, GUS Patches etc.

Users can import different file types like the MIDI, FL Studio, Hydrogen etc. The SongEditor mode has drag and drop feature and the tool pays special attention to reverbial effects. It also contain built in amplifier, 32 bit sampling, LFO controller and remains open to new generation plugins like Dynamics Processor, Dual Filter and Vocoder etc.

LMMS for Mac OS X has automated code improvisation therefore it keeps record of all the changes. Users can process single and multiple files at a time. Since the tool is solely for Linux system, users with advanced customization skills will like it very much. Though the tool is named multimedia studio it originally deals with audio content.

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37.20 MB

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Mac OS X

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Last versions of LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) for Mac OS X
Version Change log
LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) for Mac OS X 1.2.2 Jul 4, 2020 General improvements:
Stop filtering out valid characters from file name while exporting tracks (#5282)
Fix Invalid warning about "dummy-MIDI-client" (#5509)
UI improvements:
Note selection: Editing values works in dialog (#5438)
Bug Fixes:
Piano Roll - Fix retrigger with vol/pan sliders (#5271)
Fix a rare crash on export (#5293)
Fix LMMS not launching when AppImage has spaces in name (#5297)
Fix vertical piano being unresponsive when clicked too fast (#5262)
Fix crash with Grooove VST (#5300)
Fix crash on deleting instrument with controller connections on knobs (#5306)
Fix notes being placed at negative positions on MIDI import (#5343)
Fix stuck notes with Helm VST on tempo automation (#5365)
Fix file factory delimeter position (#5378)
Fix a muted demo project "Greippi - Krem Kaakkuja (Second Flight Remix)" (aeac24c)
Fix controls linking misbehaviors (#5336)
Fix loading and saving of .fxb/.fxp files on Windows (#5411)
Fix crashes and hangs on importing some Hydrogen drum kit songs
LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) for Mac OS X 1.2.1 Oct 21, 2019 General improvements:
Respect OS' case sensitivity when checking for existing files (#4768)
Remove MIDI connections from factory .mmpz files (#5163)
Show FreeBSD in the build version info (732448c)
UI improvements:
Make splash screen text white (#5149)
Show Beat/Bassline Editor on clicking track labels of B/B tracks (#5060)
Enable dark title bar on macOS (df79f8c)
Bug Fixes:
Fix building RemoteVstPlugin with Wine >= 4.14 (#5210)
Fix stuck keys when dragging on the piano view (#5127)
Fix crash on unmarking octave semitones (#5184)
Fix invalid MIDI Program Change decoding (#5154)
Rubberband fix for selecting a large area in the song editor (#5003)
VeSTige: show icon on 'Turn off all notes' button (#5237)
RemoteVstPlugin: fix crashes when failed to open a file (#5235)
Organic: fix glitch at the beginning of a note (#5252)
Fix broken audio sample exporting on high sampling rate (#5226)
Better French translations in the menu item file (#4711)
LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) for Mac OS X 1.2.0 Jun 9, 2019 General improvements:
Fix build with musl C runtime library (#4825)
Fix debug build broken in RC8 (a233291)
DrumSynth: Make the parsing logic safer (#4869)
Allow sample track clips to be resized smaller than one bar (#4933)
Don't require X11Extras on Linux when VSTs are disabled (#4953)
Allow recording chords directly from the piano-roll (#4938)
Fix more issues with ZynAddSubFX and/or VSTs related to automation (#4942)
Better default sounds for Nescaline and Freeboy (#4968)
DMG rebranding (#5013)
UI improvements:
AudioFileProcessor: Better tooltip for ping-pong loop (#4868)
VST: Add VST always-on-top config option (17f6235)
VST: Ensure VST windows show properly in taskbar (6fef905)
VST: Don't show error when loading empty VeSTige instance (205b575)
Equalizer: Fix spectrum window formula (#4895)
Equalizer: Use brighter and more opaque colors for the spectrum view (#4772)
Don't draw note detuning info over the volume/panning area (#4965, 9ff882d)
Fix hanging cursor in piano-roll (#4960)
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