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Mikogo (Mac OS X Version) freeware

Mikogo (Mac OS X Version)

Version: 5.0 | Size: 13.38 MB | Filename: mikogo.dmg
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Mikogo for Mac OS X is not only a screen sharing tool but more than that. It is a HTML viewer as well to collaborate online with friends and colleagues to deliver presentation, meet business demands or to offer solution to customers. The browser based tool runs equally smooth on all OSs for computer and phones including the Mac, Windows, Linux, iOSs etc. You can easily join any meeting, presentation or deliver support service to your customer using Mikogo from your smart phones, pads, tabs and Android phones etc.

The cross platform functional Mikogo for Mac OS X allows users to run the tool in one OS to join to interact with the contacts staying in another OS. This does not affect the security of the tool’s performance because it used 256 bit AES encryption on 128 bit SSL secured websites. Besides the collaboration software is programmed to tighten the security by producing session ID, password and locking features.

Mikogo for Mac OS X uses intelligent technology to establish network connection to provide data security to your business support system and online collaborations. Therefore it works in firewall enabled OS’s as well as on proxy servers. The tool uses working Port 443 and 80 to make your use of the tool a robust experience. Since the tool is web based, users do not need to download the software, rather they can opt for the HTML Viewer. It must be noted here that quality of sharing screen depends on the colors. Users may consider customize the color option of their screen before sharing to get faster screen sharing.

Mikogo is free as trial where you can collaborate with 3 people and in paid versions the number of contacts for collaboration will increase. It offers 30 different language support service for the users. The trial period runs for 14 days and after that users need to subscribe for the paid version.

Looking back to the Mikogo software itself, users can grant sharing rights to any contact, thus presenter change or session handover can go on easily. Using command prompts it is easy remotely access a computer. The tool gives users dual mode communication system, one is the traditionally built in VoIP and another is the free teleconference numbers – the local audio conference only number. Users can schedule meetings to send invitations and reserve the participation using Mikogo. Such reservation can repeat for long in case the event continues for days or is monthly or quarterly.

Mikogo allows recording the screen happenings as a video and the session presenter can even get a digital whiteboard to explain his presentation with a laser pointer. Other participants of the presentation session can also edit the whiteboard at the same time. The tool gives you power to split the view and to decide which screen to share and which to make hidden from others to view. Users can do it up to 4 monitor’s views.

On next Mikogo for Mac OS X gives user profile customization feature to decide on the settings of contacts for role play. To make it better understandable, users can create profile with certain functional privileges and access permission for their contacts to follow by. If that is not in your mind, the tool lets you transfer 200MB of files during each session. You can send message to participants, privately or publicly.

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