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The newLISP for Mac OS X software is the general purpose scripting language. Especially, it is well suited for the applications in the artificial intelligence, simulations, big data, natural language processing, statistics and the machine learning. Because of the few resource needs, the newLISP is too excellent for the embedded systems of applications. Most functions you will need already built in. It includes the networking functions, multicore processing, Bayesian statistics and support for distributed processing. The LISP is the old language born, grown, and standardized in time different from now, times when the programming was highly educated people who have engineered programs. The newLISP is the LISP reborn, is the script language, pragmatic and very casual and it is very simple to learn with no requiring you to know the advanced computer science concepts.

Like any type of best scripting language, the newLISP is the quick one to get into as well as gets job done without any fuss. The newLISP is too fast startup time as well as it is small on the resources like a disk space and the memory and it has deep. It has statistics, practical API with the functions for the networking, machine learning, multiprocessing, regular expressions and the distributed computing built right to it. This software compares to the popular scripting tools such as Python or Perl, it is not only in the general computing speed but also in better when this software comes to the startup time and the memory or disk footprint.

More functions for the other languages need inclusion of the external modules already built to the newLISP. The networking functions and the mathematical methods like Fast Fourier Analysis (FFT) or the Bayesian machine of learning functions is lightning fast in the newLISP. They are the build in functions and it does not need any of the external modules. The newLISP software is smaller than the other script languages. The newLISP memory management is the synchronous without sudden pauses in the processing observed in the languages with the old style of garbage collection.

The newLISP of unique automatic memory management is the reason for the newLISP speed, efficient memory usage and small size. Therefore, the newLISP has the automatic memory management. This newLISP dynamically scoped inside and separated the namespaces or contexts. The namespace have few overhead and millions of them will exist. The contexts in the newLISP permit the lexical enclosure of greater than one lambda function and the data object.

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Last versions of newLISP for Mac OS X
Version Change log
newLISP for Mac OS X 10.7.5 May 12, 2019
newLISP for Mac OS X 10.7.1 Feb 15, 2017 Additions and changes

The now function on MS Windows, reports the type of daylight savings used in the GMT offset field.
The new history functions reports the call history of a function.
The maximum length of a symbol has been extended to 1022 characters from 255.
When creating symbols with a hash functor an error message will be thrown on symbol strings longer 1022 characters.
Bug fixes

The GMT offset field in the now function would report the wrong value when not in daylight savings time. This bug was introduced in 10.7.0 and did not exist before.
On some platforms file positions went out of sync when using search, seek and read-line.
mat with a scalar second argument was broken on 64-bit versions when the scalar parameter was not a float.
fixed a problem in --, ++ when passing a nil argument which was not content of a symbol.
newLISP for Mac OS X 10.7.0 Feb 10, 2016 In json-parse the last element in JSON arrays may now have a trailing comma.
In arithmetic big integer operators: + - * / %, now more than two operands are allowed as in normal precision integer operations.
The gcd function now supports big integer operations.
On Windows format now supports UNIX format characters for 64-bit integers, i.e.: %lld %llu %llx %llX, additionally to: %I64d %I64u %I64x %I64X.
The pretty-print default float setting has been changed to "%1.15g".
On Linux and MacOS X 10.9+ the % format character can be followed by a single quote ' when using the format function. This causes thousand's separators to be inserted in decimal integer and floating point number formats, e.g.: (format "%'d" 12345) ;=> 12,345. Not working on all locale settings.
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