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OneDrive for Mac freeware

OneDrive for Mac

Version: 21.030.0211 | Size: 76.00 MB
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There are many options to choose from when it comes to Cloud storage services. If you are in the search for one, you should definitely give OneDrive a chance to prove itself. It’s filled with numerous features that make it a very reliable and fast way to save your valuable data to the cloud. Probably the best thing about OneDrive is that it works on any of your devices, including Mac computers and this is what a true cloud storage service is all about.

If there is one thing that OneDrive is well known for, that would be the clean interface. Even if it’s the first time using it, you notice that everything is where it should be and learning everything it can do takes just a few minutes. OneDrive is very fast compared to most other cloud storage options and this makes it very suitable for Mac computers. People use Macs for the simple reason that they are easy to use and fast, which goes the same for OneDrive.

For business people that rely on programs such as OneNote, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Many people use a Mac for work, but have an android device and a windows tablet. This doesn’t stop OneDrive, as it’s compatible with all of your devices and the speed and functionality is practically the same. If you are always on the move, then OneDrive is the perfect cloud storage service for you. Moving from one device to another and seeing that the last document you added is there makes you think that you are using the same device, even if they are running completely different operating systems. Another useful thing about OneDrive is that you will be notified when one of your colleagues is making a change to a document, and it will even tell you which one. Furthermore, the brilliantly created cloud storage service is very secure, allowing you to carry on with business without having to worry that your important company data is exposed.

We tested OneDrive on a Mac computer and our overall experience made us believe that OneDrive has no competition when it comes to reliability, features and speed. We tested the file transfer speed with different devices such as Android phones and Windows 10 computers and there was no noticeable difference in speed. OneDrive comes with a 5GB plan which is free to use. For some people this is enough, but for some it isn’t and if you want more, you can have a lot more. The next one up is of 50GB, and if you feel like that’s not enough you can get 1TB or even an amazing 5TB of Cloud storage.

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Last versions of OneDrive for Mac
Version Change log
OneDrive for Mac 21.030.0211 Mar 18, 2021 We've resolved product issues to improve the reliability and performance of the OneDrive sync app.
OneDrive for Mac 20.064.0329 Jun 9, 2020 Bug fixes to improve reliability and performance.
New features gradually rolling out to users:
Performance improvements for Finder Extensions.
OneDrive Help pane when users click on the "Get help" option.
OneDrive for Mac 20.052.0311 May 10, 2020 Bug fixes to improve reliability and performance of the client.
Enterprise ring renamed to Deferred ring in documentation and ring group policy.
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