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Prey for Mac freeware

Prey for Mac

Version: 1.9.4 | Size: 2.20 MB
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Prey for Mac OS is an impressive, efficient and excellent software that offers the Mac users protection for their precious data. This program is 100% effective, free to use and excellent in performance. It is compatible with Mac OS and it can search the stolen and deleted files quickly. You can click just once on Prey for Mac OS to get all your stolen or mistakenly deleted files back to your hard drive.

If you are using any Mac device for professional, official, business or personal activities, you need to have the best security program out there to prevent file theft, hacking your devices and corrupting your integral data. Prey for Mac OS is the best innovation that protects your entire systems, defeats the hacking attacks, prevents data stealing attempts and provides you easiness for locating your devices. Prey has added a number of advanced technical specs, features and additional plug-ins to make this program extraordinary on the internet.

Prey for Mac OS is loaded with plenty of amazing and useful features. It will provide you complete guidance on how to protect, manage and regulate your official data in your Mac device. It can also be used as a device tracking system that gives you the exact location of your device. Further, it brings the functions for the users to recover the lost data as fast as you can imagine only. The users can get complete and unbiased device report by Prey for Mac OS to help them understand the overall performance and track record of their Mac devices.

Prey for Mac OS can also help you evaluate the signal strength as well as the device accuracy. It develops and shares the admin information and device features. The police departments of many countries are also using the Prey for Mac OS these days for data management and location tracking.

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Last versions of Prey for Mac
Version Change log
Prey for Mac 1.9.4 Apr 28, 2020 Ubuntu python3 integration and SSO restored #459 (javo)
Connection status check retry #460 (javo)
Upgrade command improvements #461 (javo)
Node version upgrade and mac binaries re-signed #464 (javo)
Prey for Mac 1.9.3 Feb 20, 2020 Merged pull requests:
Persist automation action, lock with message and network improvements #455 (javo)
Prey for Mac 1.6.8 Jun 8, 2017 Add version 1.6.8 to package.json
Merge pull request #298 from prey/bumps-version-1.6.8
Stringify action job-id
Merge pull request #299 from prey/string-job-id
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