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Rekordbox for Mac is a software used to enhance the efficiency in managing audio files that can be played on the Pioneer DJ Player (e.g. CDJ 900 or CDJ-2000). It was developed by Pioneer Corporation and can be used in classification and searching of music files stored on hard drives. It uses the files to create a customized playlist meant for DJ performances.

Rekordbox has the capabilities of detecting, measuring and adjusting beats, tempos (beats per minute) and the rest of the elements of music before the actual music performance. The program has additional features of setting and storing point information for cueing, hot cueing, looping, etc. prior the actual performance. The data detected, measured and adjusted as well as the points that have gone through setting and storage using the program, can be used with the combination of Pioneer DJ Player in order to achieve an outstanding performance.

Rekordbox is battling it out among the three of the greatest performance software in the game (Serato, Virtual DJ and Traktor) and although it is the newest of them all, it has advanced features and friendly customized properties to satisfy heavy music performance DJs. Pioneer Corporation, the manufacturer of DJ systems and turntables, is in a perfect position to understand the needs of performance DJs; hence filling the gap by coming up with a genius music program and making rekordbox a better software compared to the rest of its rivals.

Rekordbox has attractive appearance and setup when opened and while in use. Working with theis software also means when tracks are under export to a USB key or an SD card (CDJ-2000 or CDJ-2000NXS only), waveforms are instantly located. Some of the additional features include:

  • Preview: This functions lets the users check and play music from a random list.
  • Playlist Palette: Enables to display up to five different playlists with the ability to edit.
  • My Tag and My Match: This feature is for the addition of keywords and mixing of information for each track to music.
  • Sync Manager: It helps synchronize playlists from several other software locations, devices and drives.

The system requirement for the software installation is OS X 10.6.

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Last versions of Rekordbox for Mac OS X
Version Change log
Rekordbox for Mac OS X 5.4.1 Oct 24, 2018 [NEW]:
History can be uploaded to KUVO.
macOS Mojave support.
Ability to edit Moving Head LED bars in Lighting mode.
Scroll position sometimes returned to the top after browsing the Explorer tree.
Potential crash when scrolling or updating a track list.
Sometimes strobe effect was unintentionally applied in the Lighting mode.
Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.
Rekordbox for Mac OS X 5.4.0 Sep 6, 2018 [NEW]:
Compatible device added: XDJ-RR.
Traffic Light feature to highlight keys in the browse area that will mix harmonically with the loaded track.
Library Protection feature which restricts the editing of tracks and playlists.
Rekordbox for Mac OS X 5.3.0 Jun 26, 2018 [NEW]
-Compatible device added: DDJ-400.
-Tutorial feature (compatible devices: DDJ-400, DDJ-RB).
-Track Suggestion feature which ranks tracks according to how well they match the one that’s being played.
-Mixes shared on Mixcloud and YouTube now include track titles and time stamps.

-Analysis speed and accuracy.
-Set-up process.
-The CROSSFADER settings you previously assigned in rekordbox are ready to use on controllers that do not feature a CROSSFADER assign switch.

-When using the DDJ-1000, audio skipped when FX was turned on/off (click here for details).
-Incorrect BPM detected in external input sources when using rekordbox with the DDJ-1000.
-Arabic letters displayed incorrectly on Windows.
-Hebrew letters displayed incorrectly.
-Potential crash when launching rekordbox.
-Crashed when phrase-analysing some tracks.
-My Tag filter was disabled when using Pro DJ Link.
-Mix drifted when pausing and then playing a track while SLIP was enabled.
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