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If you are the type of person who spends a lot of time watching movies or browsing online on your Mac, then you definitely must use Safari. It is specially designed for Mac operating system devices, bringing multiple technologies in one single place for great user experience.

Think about the time you spend on Netflix or streaming online and the battery usage.  If you don’t have your Mac plugged in, you will see how fast battery drains when using Chrome and Firefox browsers. However, with the Safari you get up to 4 extra hours to watch Netflix videos and over 2 hours extra of browsing.

Safari’s JavaScript optimization makes it better than both Chrome and Firefox, due to the fact that it is specifically designed to fit Mac requirements. Websites and online apps will load faster, since the JavaScript overall performance on web apps is 1.4 times faster than Firefox. The web apps responsiveness is 2.5 times faster on Safari compared to other browsers, while animated content plays 3.5 times faster.

Privacy and Security are among Safari’s top rated features. Most web pages use cookies to ensure that you get results according to your preferences. However, Safari will block any third-party cookies by default, to ensure that your data is protected and that no one gets access to your local storage or online accounts. Furthermore, with the Private Browsing Windows users can experience no-history searches, while no autofill information or passwords will be stored. In this way you can ensure that the websites you’re logged in won’t keep track of your online behavior.

The Apple Pay feature enables easier access to online shopping. Users can experience easy payments on favorite shopping sites, where they can input either the Touch ID on their iPhone or simply by clicking on the Apple Watch side button. All financial information is safely stored behind the Apple ID, so that you don’t have to provide the credit card information every time.

Asides from the fact that Safari is compatible with any Mac device, it is also suitable for your iOS devices, such as iPhone or iPad. You can continue browsing on your iPhone if you ran out of battery on the iPad, or you can save websites to read them later on another Mac device. The Safari browser saves your bookmarks, history and log-in information on all devices where you have it installed and logged in.

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Last versions of Safari for Mac OS X
Version Change log
Safari for Mac OS X 13.0.2 Oct 8, 2019 Resource Timing:
Updated to report performance entries with all HTTP status codes
Safari for Mac OS X 13.0.1 Sep 19, 2019 General:
New Features:
Added Desktop-class Browsing to Safari for iPad. Safari for iPad displays the same desktop websites as Safari for macOS, and provides the same capabilities. In addition it has more keyboard shortcuts, a download manager with background downloads, and support for top productivity websites.
Added opt-in dark mode support for websites in Safari for iOS.
Added support for aborting Fetch requests.
Authentication and Passwords:
New Features:
Updated Safari to prompt the user to change weak passwords when signing into a website. Requesting a password change uses the well-known URL for changing passwords, enabling websites to specify the page to open for updating a password.
Added support for FIDO2-compliant USB security keys with the Web Authentication standard in Safari on macOS.
Added support for Sign in With Apple to Safari and to WKWebView.
Security and Privacy:
New Features:
Added a permission API on iOS for DeviceMotionEvent and DeviceOrientationEvent
Safari for Mac OS X 12.1.2 Sep 19, 2019 JavaScript:
Fixed Math.round() which produced a wrong result for value prior to 0.5
Made Promise implementation faster
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