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smcFanControl for Mac OS X freeware

smcFanControl for Mac OS X

Version: 2.6 | Size: 1.50 MB | Filename: smcfancontrol_2_6.zip
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It is a little app that is usually found in toolbar and helps to control fan speed of the MAC. After its installation the user can use the system for long time without being worried. The machines which are used heavily need to be cool to save these from serious damage. But, one thing very important is that it does not allow the user to decrease the speed below the level set by MAC manufacturer.

For its operation, the user has to go to tool bar and click this app. A small window will appear with different options. The first box has four columns or parts. The first is the menu which the user has to click to select. Next option is the Fan which may be of any kind. There are two or three different kinds of fans in the MAC. These fans are either related with HDD or CPU. A user can adjust the speed of any fan from this menu by selecting it. Next comes the bar showing the speed of the fan. There is a button on this bar which is moveable. If we move this to the right the speed will increase while moving this button to the left will decrease it. There is another column showing the RPM of the fan. The ideal speed for the fans is 2000RPM. These increase and decrease with the variation in the speed of the fan.

There are also options for temperature unit selection. This smcFanControl also gives the option of checking for updates. User can either check these at the start up or when he likes. The usual temperature of this thermal unit of the MAC remains between 100 to 125 degree centigrade. This smcFanControl shuts down the system if the temperature rises above the limit. The system can resist this heat for short time. It is the FanControl that cools down the system and keeps it working.

Another very good thing about this FanControl is its easiness to set up and use. If you have ever used any other such app, you will surely observe a clear difference. One thing to keep in mind is that it can only be used with Mac OS 10.6 or higher.

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What do you think about smcFanControl for Mac OS X?
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smcFanControl for Mac OS X 2.6 May 31, 2017 New: Added French localization
New: Updated sparkle updater
New: smcFanControl now requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
Fixed: Crash on Macbook 12"
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