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Mac OS isn’t as rich as Windows in regard to software. Fortunately, because Spark is fully multiplatform, it offers the same features as Spark for Windows. Both versions receive updates at the same time as well. Spark is also cross-platform, meaning that users will be able to communicate regardless of whether they have Windows, Mac OS, or Linux version of Spark.

As we already said, Spark for Mac OS has the same features as Spark for windows. Built on the XMPP protocol, Spark for Mac OS delivers real-time communication. Apart from speed, the connection of Spark for Mac OS is secure as well – it has optional SSL/TLS encryption and Off-the-Record Messaging. While SSL/TLS encryption will ensure great security of your communication, Off-the-Record Messaging takes it a step further – unlike other cryptography tools, it doesn’t produce output, making Spark conversations as confidential as they can be.

Another great feature of Spark for Mac OS is that it fully supports the Openfire group chat and instant messaging server also developed by Ignite Realtime. Openfire allows for management of a variety of functions of Spark from a central management console. Additionally, Openfire’s FastPath customer support service can be integrated with Spark to allow for accepting/forwarding support requests and using canned responses. Spell checking of Spark will help you with ensuring the high image of your department. Spark’s auto message translation is also a handy feature.

Because Spark is open source, it provides organizations with a wide range of tools to configure it in a way necessary for effective operation.

Spark for Mac OS is convenient as well. It tabs conversations for you to be able to quickly switch between them. Naming the chat rooms and bookmarking them will allow you to quickly access important conversations when necessary. If you happen to have a lot of chat rooms, Spark’s search bar will help you with finding the conversation you need.

Although the user interface of Spark looks ancient, it has everything necessary to ensure easy access. Spark may be mediocre from the design standpoint, but what’s more important is that it is easy to use.

While Spark for Mac OS is particularly optimized for businesses or organizations, it is free and can be used by individuals as well. It doesn’t have video chat, however. Besides, its features are much more useful for organizations than for individuals.

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Last versions of Spark for Mac OS X
Version Change log
Spark for Mac OS X 2.8.3 Jan 29, 2017 Bug
[SPARK-1844] - Not saving settings without opening Advanced menu once
[SPARK-1848] - Setting "Chat Window Always on Top" also enables "Main Window Always on Top" behavior
[SPARK-1853] - NPE when not setting an avatar
[SPARK-1854] - Joining a MUC with a duplicate nickname results in strange behavior.
[SPARK-1855] - ContactList should not pop up when logging off
[SPARK-1858] - Password not removed from when "Save Password" option is disabled
[SPARK-1863] - Resets initially empty values in Advanced menu when logging out
New Feature
[SPARK-1825] - Add an option to see a history of broadcasts
[SPARK-1852] - Add anonymous SASL login support
[SPARK-1821] - Update bundled JRE with the latest version
[SPARK-1856] - Remove unused static analyzers
[SPARK-1857] - Remove legacy CVS keywords
[SPARK-1862] - Remove obsolete information from Readme and update links
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