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Steam for Mac freeware

Steam for Mac

Version: Mar 23 2021 | Size: 4.90 MB | Filename: steam.dmg
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Steam for Mac OS is a new option in the market for Mac users, especially people who love to play both computer and online games. For over seven years on the windows operating system, Steam has been working and getting very good reviews as an online game and gaming store service which is open for everyone to buy different kinds of games they want. On the windows version, there are over 1000 games which can be paid for and downloaded. People on the Mac platform have been clamoring for their own version of this game store and finally it has come to them in the form of  Steam for Mac OS

The corporation which is the brain behind this initiative is the Valve corporation which designed steam as a platform for game download and sales. They had been successful, and the drive and demand have led to Steam for Mac OS to be designed and rolled into the market by the valve corporation. Admittedly when this Steam for Mac OS came out it rolled out with just 63 games available on its platform. This was disappointing to quite a lot of people when they remember that the same platform on windows had over 1000 games. The company then made a promise to the customers that they were going to release at least 1-3 games every week since the launch of the online game service. They have been doing so since the launch of this service and the number of games in the database for download is certainly increasing every day.

A part of the features of Steam on the windows platform which makes it so attractive to people who love to download and play online games is that the application is very interactive in nature. The software allows people to see one another and interact with one another while playing the game. A user can join in a friend’s game while online or in his campaign and vice versa. All these wonderful features are retained in the Steam for Mac OS which makes it a wonderful application to have.

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Mac OS X

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Last versions of Steam for Mac
Version Change log
Steam for Mac Mar 23 2021 Mar 23, 2021
Steam for Mac Oct 28 2020 Oct 28, 2020 Steam Library:
Fixed custom logo position and size not working on first game page load.
Steam Overlay:
Fixed overlay performance issue with certain framerate/vsync combinations.
Fix bug causing some Windows laptops to fail to connect with certificate errors.
Steam for Mac Jun 3 2020 Jun 8, 2020 General:
Fixed multiple issues around CS:GO and Dota 2 when running in China
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Mar 23 2021

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