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Thunderbird for Mac freeware

Thunderbird for Mac

Version: 68.4.1 | Size: 56.90 MB | Filename: Thunderbird%2068.4.1.dmg
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Thunderbird for Mac combines speed, security and latest technology to give you exceptional email application experience. It is easy to install and comes with powerful and useful features that mark it as outstanding. It is free with open source add-ons.

Benefits of Thunderbird for Mac:

•             It is easy to set up, customize and use

•             It has added security features that give you privacy

•             It uses the latest technology to give you useful features

Features and Functions:

Mail account setup has never been this easy. All you need is a name, email address and password and then it finds email settings for you. Get your own personalized email address to suit your business or personality. Quickly add people their photo and contact info in the address book by clicking on the star icon in the messages received. The attachment reminder feature searches for the word attachment in your message and reminds you to attach files before you send messages. You can have real-time chats with your contacts using Facebook chat, Google talk, Twitter.

Mozilla has a similar user experience across all platforms and Thunderbird has the same look of Mozilla FireFox. Tabbed e-mail feature lets you open and uses multiple emails at the same time for easy reference. Search the web on the application search box. Filter emails faster by new message, sender or tag or ‘Pin It’ with Quick filter toolbar.

Select the Archive button or hit the ‘A’ key to archive emails for future reference. Record and manage all interactions between Thunderbird and your email provider in one place with Activity Manager. Download files to an online storage and share the link with your contacts using Thunderbird Filelink instead of sending an attachment.  You have a whole collection of ‘skins’ like landmarks or tattoos to use when customizing icons.  For added security the application automatically blocks remote images in emails and supports Do Not Track add-on that blocks websites from tracking your e-mail. It has phishing protection to protect your personal information by identifying potential phishing. The automated update feature ensures that you use the latest technology by notifying you of updates to be downloaded. The application filters all messages and cut out all the junk mail so that you concentrate only on important messages. The experienced developers all over the world provide safe and quick add-ons and you don't need to leave the application to find these add-ons.

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56.90 MB

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Mac OS X

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Last versions of Thunderbird for Mac
Version Change log
Thunderbird for Mac 68.4.1 Jan 9, 2020 Changes:
Various improvements when setting up an account for a Microsoft Exchange server: Now offers IMAP/SMTP if available, better detection for Office 365 accounts; re-run configuration after password change.
After changing view layout, the message display pane showed garbled content under some circumstances
Various security fixes
Various theme changes to achieve "pixel perfection": Unread icon, "no results" icon, paragraph format and font selector, background of folder summary tooltip
Tags were lost on messages in shared IMAP folders under some circumstances
Calendar: Event attendee dialog was not displayed correctly
Thunderbird for Mac 52.6.0 Feb 14, 2018 Fixed:
Searching message bodies of messages in local folders, including filter and quick filter operations, not working reliably: Content not found in base64-encode message parts, non-ASCII text not found and false positives found.
Defective messages (without at least one expected header) not shown in IMAP folders but shown on mobile devices
Calendar: Unintended task deletion if numlock is enabled
Various security fixes:
CVE-2018-5095: Integer overflow in Skia library during edge builder allocation
CVE-2018-5096: Use-after-free while editing form elements
CVE-2018-5097: Use-after-free when source document is manipulated during XSLT
CVE-2018-5098: Use-after-free while manipulating form input elements
CVE-2018-5099: Use-after-free with widget listener
CVE-2018-5102: Use-after-free in HTML media elements
CVE-2018-5103: Use-after-free during mouse event handling
CVE-2018-5104: Use-after-free during font face manipulation
CVE-2018-5117: URL spoofing with right-to-left text aligned left-to-r
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