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TOR for Mac OS X freeware

TOR for Mac OS X

Version: 10.5.6 | Size: 74.60 MB | Filename: TorBrowser-10.5.6-osx64_en-US.dmg
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Tor Browser for Mac OS is a free and portable app that can run on any platform, including Windows and Mac OS. It is specially built to hide user information and private data. It ensures to cover up all traces using complex encryption protocols that block any cookies or location information request.

Its design is very simple and easy to use. It can be customized using apps and extensions, mainly regarding security protocols. Its looks are similar to any modern web browser, offering a search bar and a main menu button in which all preferences are located. In order to install the software on a Mac device, users only need to download and save the .dmg file and open it. The included file can be then dragged into the Applications folder and then pinned on the dock in the preferred language. In addition, Tor Browser can be easily carried and used on any device with a USB port, since it comes in a portable version instead of requiring installation.

Tor Browser for Mac OS is the best browser for people who have valuable and secret information that should not be reached. For instance, journalists who write from areas of conflict or from totalitarian regimes must ensure to have their privacy at high levels, to avoid being caught by local authorities. In addition, military and police officers must ensure about their protection, since they work with secret information with limited access.

The security features and options can be easily changed by any user. The Home panel gives access to a set of guidelines for Mac users to follow when browsing online. Users can also configure their network settings after extracting the software, to ensure that their local network is safe and protected against suspicious activity. Furthermore, all search history and cookies are deleted after the browser is closed. In this way users can rest assured that their search history won’t reach anyone once the browser has been closed.

All of the traffic inside the Tor network is encrypted in order to anonymize the traffic origins. However, it can’t encrypt the traffic between the network and its origin. Therefore, when sensitive information is about to be transferred online, all users should make sure to use a safe network, such as HTTPS encryption or authentication. Nevertheless, Tor Browser for Mac OS offers a set of privacy guidelines in their main page where users can learn more about private browsing.

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