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Version: 2.92 | Size: 4.80 MB | Filename: Transmission-2.92.dmg
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Transmission for Mac OS is a Bit Torrent client specifically designed to match Mac requirements and it really does a great job integrating in it. It’s a fast torrent downloader, with many great features which enhance the torrent experience for both uploaders and downloaders. Its Mac interface is very light, allowing users to benefit from a nice experience while fast downloading torrents.

During our tests we observed the fact that the software interface is very simple and easy to use. For the MacOS platform the interface is written in Objective-C, using Growl notifications for user information. For what is worth, anyone can use it, there’s no need for advanced technical knowledge of it. The main window has all torrents grouped and with large icons, to identify each of them faster. Also, for each torrent you can see the full file name, the size, ratio, peers number, download speed and size uploaded. Next to each torrent you will see a Pause button, which gives you full access of the downloading process.

The Torrent inspector is a great feature in Transmission for MacOS. With it you can see the torrent progress including the current state, total size and verified size, uploaded and downloaded amount, ratio, as well as any errors that may have occurred during the transfer. Furthermore, you can see the elapsed time for both downloading and seeding. Overall, it includes many amazing features that users need from a Bit Torrent client, including port forwarding, encryption, peer exchange, tracker editing and speed limits.

Another great feature that we enjoyed is the fact that advanced users can change preferences as they think it’s best. We had full access to Adding, Downloading and Seeding limits, Speed, Privacy, Network, Desktop, Web and Proxy settings in the Transmission Preferences menu. Furthermore, setting the speed limits for both download and upload can enhance your Mac processes. If, however, you are planning to use these limits for a short time, then you can add temporary speed limits within a scheduled period of time.

The client comes by default on a “just work” mode with basic preferences and settings. However, experienced users can play and adapt the bad peer blocklists, web interface and watch directories features. In addition, the CPU usage in Transmission for Mac OS is a lot lower than other regular Bit Torrent clients. Even though it was designed to work on any operating system and platform, Transmission looks like it was specifically designed to fit like a glove for Mac OS devices.

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Transmission 2.92 Jun 2, 2015 Re-build & re-upload of the last release.
There was a problem with latest libevent, reverted to using libevent-2.0.21.
This time the Chinese translation is the latest (thanks liaodahao for checking).
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