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TunnelBear for Mac OS X freeware

TunnelBear for Mac OS X

Version: 3.8.6 | Size: 22.90 MB | Filename: TunnelBear.zip
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We all love our Mac book operating systems and will love to make the best of it and ensure it is highly secured in order for us to enjoy working with it as well as enjoy the internet. To ensure that we make the best of our digital time, the stated features of TunnelBear will help you enjoy your life in the internet and still feel secured.


  • Online privacy
  • Closest tunnel
  • Always on
  • No logging
  • Simple and handsome
  • Lightning fast speed
  • Safe wifi protection
  • Security
  • Fastest servers worldwide
  • Strong encrypted connection


  • It is beautifully designed and its Simplicity paired with a good looking or handsome map can help you to visualize your connection.
  • There are times we get interrupted network connection and then worry about unsecured traffic when the connection is back on. That should no longer be a problem when you install TunnelBear app as it is in a vigilant mode to block all unsecured traffic.
  • TunnelBear is always on and you do not have to worry about reconnecting on restart.
  • Your online privacy is certain with TunnelBear
  • You will definitely experience utmost performance with TunnelBear’s lighting fast speeds.
  • You do not have to worry about security issues when you are in the restaurants, airports, hotels or other public places that allows you to make use of their wifi. You can be assured that with TunnelBear, you will be able to browse confidently no matter how untrusted their networks can be.
  • If you have problems trying to understand the app or need additional support, then TunnelBear has a very dedicated team that is willing to guide or support you by answering all your questions.
  • It is a worldwide network and you no matter where you are, you can always connect to the fastest servers from the numerous countries on TunnelBear’s virtual private network.
  • Weaker encryption is not an option on TunnelBear, so you can be rest assured of a strong connection anywhere in the world.
  • Ghostbear feature helps you to unblock websites or VPNs and helps you to be non-detectable to governments, businesses and ISPs.
  • TunnelBear does not use so much of your data.

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Version Change log
TunnelBear for Mac OS X 3.8.6 Apr 19, 2019 Updating to latest version of OpenVPN made your Bear's teeth and claws even stronger!
TunnelBear for Mac OS X 3.0.13 May 11, 2017 Bears have reinforced tunnels with OpenVPN 2.4.1
Updated some bearror messages
24.1% more Bears
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