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Vivaldi for Mac OS X freeware

Vivaldi for Mac OS X

Version: 3.4.2066.88 | Size: 96.10 MB | Filename: Vivaldi.3.4.2066.88.dmg
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With a simple layout and a very customizable layout, Vivaldi is the most interesting web browser for Mac OS devices. Its layout can be fully customizable, from background color to tab positioning. It offers an organized workspace for those who need to use multiple websites at one time. In addition, it ensures faster navigation using various amazing features that we discovered during this test.

To start with, the Visuals are amazing. Your Mac OS device will experience a very colorful and friendly interface, fully designed by you as a user. The speed dial background color is customizable; you can switch the UI color with a single click. Also, each web page can use a different color so you can easily classify them by the subject.

Speaking of classification, tabs can be grouped into stacks and you can view them in a grid or side-by-side. In addition to this, we enjoyed the fact that you can quickly navigate through open websites. The tab bar offers a preview of each website that you have open, to ensure easier access to the information you need. Also, if you happen to close a tab by mistake the Trash Can feature can restore it anytime. Furthermore, if your search session took long and you might still need it in the future, you can save all the search session and reopen it later.

Speed dial and quick commands are also great features in Vivaldi. With the Faster Navigation feature users can experience amazing browsing features, such as Fast Forward and Rewind. These features allow users to navigate through the web pages very easy. The Rewind feature allows them to return to a page they previously used. The Fast Forward feature gives them access to navigate to the next result available without returning to the search engine.

Another great thing about Vivaldi for Mac OS is the fact that bookmarks are very easy to customize. You can add nicknames to each bookmark and to access them from the bookmarks bar anytime. In this way you can ensure that you find the information you need in no time, as long as you added a bookmark on it.

Last but not least, the Smarter Browsing feature allows users to take notes and connect them to a website, to add search boxes anywhere in the browser and even to set up their favorite search engine. All open pages appear in the side panels based on your classification, which is a great feature when being in charge of multiple social media accounts. These side panels give instant access to user notes, bookmarks and downloaded files.

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Last versions of Vivaldi for Mac OS X
Version Change log
Vivaldi for Mac OS X 3.4.2066.88 Oct 30, 2020 [Address bar][Security] Spoofing issue that shows the wrong URL at the same time as a progress bar (VB-70637)
[Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 86.0.4240.75
[macOS] No Ctrl+click context menu on some systems (VB-72136)
[Quick Commands] Improve Speed (VB-72021)
Vivaldi for Mac OS X 3.0.1874.38 May 10, 2020 [Address bar] Shows inaccurate URL after redirect (VB-66004)
[Chromium] Upgraded to 81.0.4044.142
[Crash] When adding bookmark to the start page (VB-64470)
[Crash][Sync] When using User Profiles (VB-66524)
Vivaldi for Mac OS X 3.0.1874.33 Apr 29, 2020 [Chromium] Upgraded to 81.0.4044.123
[Crash][Blocker] Occasional crash (VB-65773)
[Crash][Extensions] Crash opening a link with basic auth when a password manager is installed (VB-65003)
[Crash] While casting to Chromecast (VB-64054)
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