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Wireshark for Mac OS X freeware

Wireshark for Mac OS X

Version: 3.5.0 | Size: 121.00 MB | Filename: Wireshark%203.5.0%20Intel%2064.dmg
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Wireshark for Mac gives all the benefits of all the other platforms all you need is a Mac (64-bit) go onto the web and download the software. Wireshark will analyse all the traffic that travel over a network with the added advantage of using different protocols.

It is amazing what information it extracts from the data packets that are captured from both wired and wireless networks. Before you install the application on your Mac make sure that you have Apple X11 application installed. Once you have installed the application launch Wireshark and it is worth to note that the first time it is run on your Mac it might take a while to the main screen to appear. This problem goes away and gets shorter every time you launch Wireshark.

Once you have launched it for a while you can stop the process and then analyse the information that is displayed. This is only while you are learning how to use the application after that you can leave it on for as long as you like. A common task the Wireshark is used for is who the users are that use the most packets and it very easy to do using the Statistics and conversations option when you will be able to see who the users are.

With your Mac, you can comfortably check the health of your website without having to spend a small fortune to buy an application. It will cover the individual home based expert or the IT professional managing a company network. The capabilities of Wireshark are boundless which covers expert information logs of problematic network behaviour. This information can be looked live or from previously stored files.

To analyse the information you have at your disposal powerful filtering and macro systems. There are many other features that will help you analyse all the data such as colouring rules and decryption is supported.

As an analysing tool, it is difficult to find any fault with Wireshark for Mac application and it has one of the most active development communities where you are able to have any questions answered that you might have. But the only drawback is the fact that if you need any information from the developers over the phone there is no number listed.

It is the complete analysing tool that will give you all the analytical material that you need over different platforms and with any system that such as Mac, Windows and Linux.

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121.00 MB

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Mac OS X

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Last versions of Wireshark for Mac OS X
Version Change log
Wireshark for Mac OS X 3.5.0 Sep 1, 2021
Wireshark for Mac OS X 3.4.7 Jul 15, 2021 The following vulnerabilities have been fixed:
Wnpa-sec-2021-06 DNP dissector crash. Issue 17462. CVE-2021-22235.
The following bugs have been fixed:
TCP dissector - Erroneous DSACK reporting Issue 17315.
No wlan_radio.duration calculated for PHY type: 802.11ac (VHT) Issue 17419.
NAN Dissector has wrong minimum length for availability attribute Issue 17431.
Wireshark for Mac OS X 3.4.6 Jun 3, 2021 Bug Fixes:
wnpa-sec-2021-04 DVB-S2-BB dissector infinite loop
The following bugs have been fixed:
Macro filters can’t handle escaped characters Issue 17160.
Display filter crashes Wireshark Issue 17316.
IEEE-1588 Signalling Unicast TLV incorrectly reported as being malformed Issue 17355.
IETF QUIC TLS decryption error with extraneous packets during the handshake Issue 17383.
Statistics → Resolved Addresses: multi-protocol (TCP/UDP/…​) ports not displayed Issue 17395.
Updated Protocol Support:
New and Updated Capture File Support:
Ascend, ERF, K12, NetScaler, and pcapng
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